Pre-Marital Sex: An Oxy-Mormon


So I’m bored and I’m looking for interesting articles online about sex, dating, etc.

Found this one:

Supposedly delaying sex makes one’s relationship better. Of course, in my twisted brain I’m already beating myself up, and thinking that THIS is what I’ve been doing wrong all this time! Yes, that’s it! No more pre-marital sex! No more sex on the first, or second, or third date! Finally, I have figured out why all of my relationships have been shitty – I’ve slept with the guys too soon. Major breakthrough!

Then I read further, and see that the study was supported by a grant from the Mormon church.


Seems a little fishy.

Here’s my favorite part:

” ‘What seems to happen is that if couples become sexual too early, this very rewarding area of the relationship overwhelms good decision-making and keeps couples in a relationship that might not be the best for them in the long-run,’ study researcher Dean Busby, of Brigham Young University’s School of Family Life, told LiveScience.”

Ha ha! Of course he would say that! What’s the quote going to say? “What seems to happen is that if couples become too sexual too early, they end up having a really great time. It might not lead to marriage, but hey – who said marriage is the end-all, be-all anyway?” said blank blank of BYU’s School of Family Life. Like he could say that!!

I’m sure there is a happy medium somewhere between the two extremes of screw-your-heart-out and never touch a member of the opposite sex (pun intended).

With the last guy I dated, the one who talked about sex all the time and then couldn’t get it up, I was super proud of myself for not sleeping with him on the first few dates. Being the sex talker that he was, he certainly tried. And looking back on it, I do wonder if this was a red flag. I wonder if I should have been a bit disgusted that he was talking about sex so early on (I kind of was, but not enough to stop dating him), and just not seen him again. I did meet him online, after all. What did I expect?

What a dick. Wish I could have said that about his member instead of about his personality.


~ by cynicaldater on June 16, 2012.

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