The bitch is back

Hello friends…I had forgotten about this blog, honestly, until some spammer tried to put a weird comment on one of my posts and I got an email about it.

I was just reading over my previous posts and I realized I was right about one thing: guys with big noses and huge feet do have big…thingies. I am speaking from experience now, not just from speculation. 

Since it worked so well for me to wish, in my blog post, to meet a guy with a big nose and big feet, I’m going to take another leap here and wish for a nice guy with a big nose and big feet. Hey, no one ever said you can’t have it all. Oh wait. Yes they did. 

It is kind of sad for me to look back at this blog and realize that in over 2 years very little has changed in my romantic life. I’m still single, still looking, still have bad taste, and still go out with guys that aren’t really good enough.

Ooh, I realized I have more true-life experience that proves one of my theories right.

I went out with a guy for about a month; I thought at first that he might be a somewhat good catch, but he wasn’t. Interestingly, he talked a lot about sex, and about other women from his past. I kind of assumed he’d be good in bed, since he talked about it so much. I should have remembered my theory about that, but I didn’t.

Not only was he not good in bed, but…wait for it…

He couldn’t get it up.

So, there you go. I can now say definitively that guys that talk a lot about sex are bad at it. Not only are they bad at it, but they might be unable to have it altogether. I think he talked about it a lot because he was horny and wished he could have it, not because he was good at it. What a disappointment.

What theories have you had about men and sex that turned out to be right? What theories have you had about men and sex that turned out to be wrong?

Enlighten me.


~ by cynicaldater on June 13, 2012.

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